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Olami’s Pre-Health society is for aspiring Jewish healthcare professionals. We help Jewish undergraduate college students across all health fields access amazing career-building opportunities and ethical guidance so you can stand out in the health and medical field.

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About the speaker: DR HIRSCH KOMAROW 

Dr. Komarow obtained his M.D. from Sackler School of Medicine in Ramat Aviv, Israel, and completed his pediatric residency at MetroHealth Medical Center/Case Western Reserve Medical Center in Cleveland, OH. Dr. Komarow completed his Allergy and Immunology Fellowship at the National Institutes of Health in 2001 and was a Research Fellow in the Genetics and Genomics Branch of the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases until 2005, when he joined the Laboratory of Allergic Diseases as a Staff clinician. In 2018 he was appointed as an Associate Research Physician in the Mast Cell Biology Section. Dr. Komarow is a Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

Join us to learn about the ups and downs of being a doctor at the NIH.

Work experience & Internship Opportunities

8-Week Internship In Israel

This is an amazing opportunity to spend the summer in Israel working at the Technion American Israeli medical school with international students. Places are limited so find out more below…..

research opportunity

The Israeli Ministry of Health has launched a global Research Project for Jewish Pre-med students. Join them on a campaign to educate people about the importance of vaccines.

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Learn from the world’s leading Jewish medical and healthcare practitioners about how to best launch your career, how to infuse Jewish values into your workplace and so much more.

To be the best, learn from the best

Learn from the world’s leading Jewish medical and healthcare practitioners about how to best launch your career, how to infuse Jewish values into your workplace and so much more.


JHealth is a national society designed for Jewish undergraduates to build their pre-professional, learn from experienced Jewish personnel in various health fields, and synthesize their professional aspirations with Jewish values.

Any Jewish undergraduate enrolled at a North American (U.S. or) college or university with a goal of working in the health sciences.

Students studying toward an eventual goal of practicing medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, nutrition, veterinary, public health, OT/PT/SLP, mental health/psychology, or other related fields qualify for JHealth.

No. JHealth is open to Jewish students regardless of education level, affiliation, beliefs or other distinctions. If you are open to Jewish experience and interested in a high-level pre-professional peer network, JHealth is relevant to you.

We will be offering a wide array of benefits to members, including:

Regular content posted on our private LinkedIn platform

Monthly online talks from leading experts in various health fields;

Smaller local events through your college or university chapter; 

Access to mentorship; premium internships in Israel and the United States; 

Certifications in Jewish Medical Ethics and other resume-building educational offerings; 

Exclusive research projects, and publishing outlets; letters of recommendation; 

Leadership opportunities; and more! 

Please note: Some of these are open to all members upon acceptance, while others may be contingent upon level of engagement, and subject to further application processes over time.

The initial commitment is modest. Members are expected, whenever possible, to attend their local chapter events on a regular basis. 

We also hope that you will sign on to the national speakers on a monthly basis. 

Content is posted regularly to LinkedIn (in a private group), and we expect that members will consume this material regularly.

Several times per year we will offer active members an opportunity to “Level Up,” which involves an additional application and the completion of a certification in Jewish Medical Ethics that we will offer. 

Once a member has “Leveled Up,” they gain access to an additional suite of premium benefits, many of which are listed above. 

Naturally, this deeper engagement and level of benefit requires additional time investment.

Please e-mail Miki Crouse: with any additional questions about JHealth or your specific application.

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All content is theoretical and none of this should be taken as medical advice and for medical assistance they should speak to their medical provider.